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                     People Helping Our Youth Everyday, Inc

Seven Objective Stage (S.O.S.)

Global R.E.A.D. 


Reading With 


The program is designed to encourage participating children

ages 6-thru-18-years old, to perform as progressive productive citizens.

The READ Initiative is People Helping Our Youth Everyday, Inc action to motivate children to read. 

 Program Objectives:

  • To broaden each child' horizon by exposing him/her to new experiences, people, and places.
  • To develop awareness in each child of the world around him/her and of his/her responsibility to it by interrelating subject matter with personal experience.
  • To help each child develop new patterns of thinking which will be reflected in changes in attitudes and behavior.
  • To arouse each each childs motivation so that he /she becomes personally invovled and interested in pursuing their positive dreams and goals for their future.
  • To help each child think critically and keep an open mind rather than react aggressively to people and situations
  • To help each child with positive reinforcement and not think in stereotypes.
  • To help each child communicate by developing the ability to express thoughts both orally and in writing.

 A Focus On 


No Cell Phones Allowed


  1. A Traveling Workshop to promote reading through Board Games. A workshop of Camaraderie, play and the opportunity to motivate a child to read by playing these games. This workshop helps the READ Ambassadors and volunteers get a better understanding of how to help support each child of their ability to read.
  2. The title says it all, "No Cell Phones Allowed", and no other electronic device is allowed at this work shop of simple play. It's full of games and laughter and each mentee will experience the board games that bring people to a table together. From Connect Four, to Sorry, Candy Land, Monopoly, Scrabble, Bobby Jacks, Twister and more, we intend to bring the games that can change a child's perception of reading as well as what social interaction is all about.

Anonymous Readers

( Book Club)

WOW!!!and we will do just that by creating a group of readers as we discuss the books prior to reading; 

as we read, and after the book has been read.

  • This is a book club of more than just reading. It is an invitation to open the child’s mind and imagination to the world past, present and future.
  • This is a book club that gives purpose to who the child is by allowing the child to interact in open dialogue about the reading material in question.
  • This is a book club about history and especially the history of the country we call home and the contributions of all its people.

       " Nothing in all the world is more dangerous than sincere

ignorance and conscientious stupidity"



Reading is essential to who we

are as an organization. It is the basis for why we exist, and so we take Youth Educational Volunteer Assistants to Orphanages & Basic Schools in Jamaica. Our teen youth group work voluntarily as Jr. Teachers helping children who are abandoned, physically incapacitated or just totally impoverished, learn to read and write. 

 This Initiative has a fundraising campaign that will is published daily, weekly and monthly.

This is a 3-Phase Initiative

of Reading , Education &


Schools in this Caribbean country look nothing like our schools in

The United States. We take education so much for granted

that we never stop to realize how much of a privilege it is for

children in other countries.

Global READ