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                     People Helping Our Youth Everyday, Inc

Seven Objective Stage (S.O.S.)

( F.I.N.) Friends In Need Program

Supporting our homeless friends one day at a time

Each week the youth of People Helping Our Youth Everyday, Inc are on the streets distributing box lunches to the homeless.

We pass out sandwiches, chips, fruit and a drink, and on many occasions during the winter we are able to pass out hot food.

The Street Service

One of the best aspects of this program is our willingness to work with people directly on the street. For us it is a wonderful way to connect with people that many see as unnecessary. Unfortunately, homelessness will probably be with us until the end of time. 

In order to feed people living on our streets you have to be willing to go out on the street to help them. This is what we do but it is always a struggle.

Many places that feed the homeless look for these people to come to them. Although a great idea, in many cases the homeless (and the elderly) are unable to get to some of the areas that offer free meals, or they are faced with only getting a meal on certain days. This is why we choose to go where homeless people dwell, which is on street corners, under bridges, and in city parks. 


  • Is to work daily with our homeless friends needing food, blankets and clothing.

There is no greater joy than knowing that you have put a smile on someones face just because you

cooked a good meal for them.

Working with our homeless friends has inspired the organization to have a

long term goal of providing transitional housing for families in need.


Will begin "The Miracle Wish",

Homeless Prevention Housing 

Committee Leadership

If you believe you have what it takes

to work in leadership for this program, please contact us immediately.

(757) 515-5667

Friends In Need

Thanksgiving Day Feasts


       Friends In Need Thanksgiving Day Feast


Teaching Our Children to Give Back to Our Communities

Supporting Friends In Need

Picnic For The Homeless 2014

    Ocean View- August 2014

Thanksgiving Brown Bag Distribution 2014

   Thanksgiving 2014

  Thanksgiving 2014

Everywhere you look today there are people who are out of work, living from house to house, in their cars, or living on the street.

Most of us go about our daily lives treating the homeless as

insignificant or just plain unnecessary; not realizing this could one day be our fate. 


Raising money to complete work on the Homeless Prevention House.

Completion date set for:November 2017


Saturday November 17, 2018 The return of The Brown Bag Supply Drive

  This program is Dedicated to the Memory Of:

Michael Lafayette Rainey Sr.

June 6, 1963 - September 9, 2015

Michael loved serving the homeless. This was the one program that was very dear to his heart. We will continue his work and we will keep his memory alive.