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                     People Helping Our Youth Everyday, Inc

Seven Objective Stage (S.O.S.)

 Catherine E. Sumler's

Community Circle Of 

Support Project

 Everyday People Doing Extraordinary Work.

Bringing together concerned citizens, nonprofit charitable organizations, churches and local business owners all with a common purpose of wanting to help create a better educational, and developmental environment for our young people. 

The Community Circle of Support Project

A Support Project for those who want to do something to help in the community.

 The Community Circle of Support is the ability for People Helping Our Youth Everyday. Inc. to garner the necessary support of everyday citizens for the many programs of the organization. Each year the support project will focus it’s attention on a specific workshop.




Fun - Day @ The Park

 Family & Friends & Community 

Non-Profit Organizations

Day @ The Park

This is where the Mentors get their first chance to meet the parents , family and friends of the children from all the programs . What a great way to create an atmosphere of ease parent and mentor. This day includes family games of Volley Ball and Basket Ball, Horse shoes, and Sack Races. As you know many parents are threaten by the inclusion of mentors in to their family life, which is why our programs have a format for group involvement. 

"By Any Means Necessary".


Commonwealth Challenge is Lending the Mentor Hand

Beautiful Fun 

Day for 


Hoola Hoop 



I can't believe they actually joined the contest

CommonWealth Challenge

Teaching the Kids how to Play Domino's

May 2012

Family & Friends

 Fun-Day @ The 

Park (2011)

With a special thanks to Lieutenant Commander Karen Eifiert, and members of the Naval Ship USS Roosevelt for volunteering to become One Day Mentors.  

What A Wonderful Day

USS Roosevelt

The Navy stepped in to teach these teenagers a few things about Basketball

Volleyball,but I don't think that many people are suppose to be on one team

And Now it's Time For The

Motorcycle Organization

Afro Dogs Of Virginia

Give the kids some "Safety Tips"

Afro Dogs President: Tim Watkins

Horse Shoes Anyone...
Volunteer From Vemma Energy Drink

Our Volunteer Cooks & Servers

Tommy & Tatum

Saturday March 26, 2011

Ci, Ci's Pizza

Norfolk, VA

Mentoring Work-Shop

Meet & Greet

Mentor Leader: Jessie Holman and Our Chaperon Constance Williams

 Mentor Leader: NC1 Claudis Stegall

14th Annual

Hampton Roads

Youth Conference and 

Mentoring Summit

Saturday April 9, 2011

Our Mentor Leader

Mr. Claudis Stegall And his Junior Mentor Kenny Bullock, participates in the Mentoring Panel hosted by Commentator Don Roberts From Wavy TV 10 News.

Commentator: Don Roberts

Wavy TV 10

My Body Is Not A Trash Can

Saturday April 30, 2011

Portsmouth, Virginia

A Workshop For Young Women

13 - 19years old

 My Body Is Not A Trash Can


Our Volunteers

Catherine: Volunteer Server

Brenda: Volunteer

Constance: Chaperon

2012 Black 

History Month

 Awards & 



Let's Get It Started with

Troupe Entertainment

James Brown Dancers

With James Brown

Scene from Beauty School Drop Out

Beauty School Drop Out Singers

The Hoop/Shoop Song

Forte' Family w/Lil MJ and his school Teacher

Mentor of the President

Advisory Board Member

Mrs. Catherine Sumler 

The Stoner Family

October 9, 2010

Health Fair & Food Drive


Mrs. Judith McCracken

and our Treasurer Florence Nelson along with our travel agent Karen Koncken.

Ladies In Red Charity Dinner


February 19, 2011

Mentor Leader

Claudis Stegall Volunteering by helping to prepare & Stage this beautiful setting

Of Appetizers

Performers of The Event

Junior Mentor :

Jasmine Hathaway

Volunteering as a server